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[01 Apr 2007|10:36pm]
i just wished i could have what i want, without trying so hard. you know?
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[17 Apr 2006|10:33pm]
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good dayy. [02 Mar 2006|10:23pm]
today was just one of those day that turn out really good for no expected reason, just because of the little things that happen.
for starters, this morning i was talking to sasha about project runway, and how disappointing it was that tim g. did not make any comments on daniel vosovicks line, and that he HAS to win, and brandon turns around and looks at us, and walks over and says, "i totally watched that, daniel has to win!" and that made me happy. who knew, who knew?
then spanish class we started talking about about this woman who recently gave birth and shes 62.EW!
EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! 62, that means when hes 10 shes going to be 72. She'll be dead by graduation. okay so that wasnt the happiest note but it was fun to talk about.
then came math class. mr. thruelson was showing us picture from his trip in Mexico and he put this picture of his 2 built good looking sons. literally all the girls mouths dropped, okay well not really, but all the girls were pretty much drooling over them. damnnnnnn.
then came public speaking.
i had to be ashlee simpson, and frankie near had to be a body builder. it was sooooo funnny. he did a good job.
and then my waiver came and lets just say anthony and randy made my day. :D

i think thats about all exept for the fact i got like 2 hours of sleep last night. pFFFFFF
the new real world has a guy from seattle! and a bolemic chick :( shes annoying.

i need to be a celebrity for a dance next week! WHO? give me ideas. girl groups, birl bands, sisters, celebs, anyone.

and me and olyvia are off to seattle to take pictures for a project in mr. hartman's class.
a monkey could do that class.

i cant wait for it to be april, i guess we all want what we cant have.

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[30 Jan 2006|07:27pm]
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awwwwwwww. :D
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pictures. [25 Oct 2005|06:10pm]

homecoming assemblyCollapse )



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yea im posting everything be ready [23 Jun 2005|11:14pm]
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the begininng of the best summer everCollapse )
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OMGZ! [31 May 2005|08:40pm]
go here now.
and play mash.
its fun.
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star wars fever [29 May 2005|11:37pm]
i wish i were a jedi....
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somethings on my mind [04 May 2005|08:45am]
this school year was great, not spectacular at times, but certainly great.
i have grown, you guys have grown.
i want to make this summer and our last school year count.
i love you guys!
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[26 Apr 2005|09:19pm]
The truth is...I don't stand a chance
Its something that you're born into...
And I just don't belong...

No I don't - I'm just a no class, beat down fool
And I will always be that way
I might as well enjoy my life
And watch the stars play

okay...i would give anyting to see weezer tomorrow night.
everything has been so messed up lately.
things have not been worse.
but at the same time
things have never been better.
i now have best friend
couldnt have asked for a better one. :)

i love my friends.
they pretty much rock.
each day is better than the one before.

Beverly Hills - That's where I want to be!
Living in Beverly Hills...
Beverly Hills - Rolling like a celebrity!
Living in Beverly Hills...
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updating? [07 Apr 2005|11:05am]
school is almost over.
it's time for it to be over.
english essay is finally done and over with.
thank God.
this break is going to be awesome.
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[12 Feb 2005|07:29pm]
"if you're a bird...i'm a bird"
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iam [09 Feb 2005|08:47am]
so.... lost
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I KNOW ITS ALIITLE EARY.....BUT [22 Jan 2005|08:15pm]


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[19 Jan 2005|08:34am]
hi guys...
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let me tell you a story [19 Dec 2004|01:50pm]
my weekend
in pictures
it rocked
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friends rule
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this is my pear tree [13 Dec 2004|09:33pm]
My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 virtuososvisions a-drinking.
11 mybrownbikes a-galloping.
10 blustery_dayss a-dancing.
9 easi_readers a-commenting.
8 ohappyfairs a-drumming.
7 roamingpenguins a-staring.
6 tokyosex11s a-falling.
5 red-orange i_collides.
4 sniffing ocurlyheads.
3 Belgian sliplikespace51s.
2 bull thefallofsongss.
And a nitengalerocker in a pear tree.
Get gifts! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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this is actually supposed to be on mine but oh well (me as in sandra durrrr) [24 Nov 2004|08:13pm]
Exofsalvation: JoHn!
slick swanny: whoa smacks!
slick swanny: rave cave!
Exofsalvation: hella!
slick swanny: whats up!
Exofsalvation: uh not much just hanging out with agnes and ingrid and more people....you?
slick swanny:
slick swanny: hello agnes and ingrid
slick swanny: i just got back from drivers ed
Exofsalvation: whoop
Exofsalvation: party up in there.....haha
slick swanny: wholesome party i'm sure
Exofsalvation: uh no not really.....ingrid and i are currently bored and need some intertainment
slick swanny: haha and thus we instant message john
slick swanny: why is agnes not bored?
Exofsalvation: um....i dunno
Exofsalvation: no i IMed you cause you're my pimp duh!
slick swanny: fo sho!
Exofsalvation: doing anything this weekend?
slick swanny: haha i dunno yet
slick swanny: partyign with foo foo berry and pizza and nirvana and carosels
Exofsalvation: uh okay...freak
Exofsalvation: just kidding
slick swanny: psssh
Exofsalvation: isn't that ingrid or whatever?
slick swanny: haha yes
Exofsalvation: meh
Exofsalvation: duuude but uh do you think you could hang out on saturday?
Exofsalvation: cause me and ingrid have nothing to do and yeah
slick swanny: hmmm
slick swanny: maybe
slick swanny: i would have to see
slick swanny: where at?
Exofsalvation: i dunno anywhere in seattle or wherever it doesn't matter
slick swanny: haha awesome
slick swanny: ill see if i can
Exofsalvation: k
slick swanny:
slick swanny: so who's all at the sandra party?
Exofsalvation: uh maura, andrea, caitlin, cameron, tasha, lynn, brittany, michelle (shes super cool), agnes, ty, mark, kyle, ingrid...and the most important person ME duh....jay kay
slick swanny: u are the awesome kid sandra
slick swanny: lol awesome
slick swanny: i know some of those people
Exofsalvation: yes you do
Exofsalvation: what would you do or say if i told you that i know someone that like syou
Exofsalvation: *likes
slick swanny: whoa what
slick swanny: thats what i would say
slick swanny: i think
Exofsalvation: interesting......cause i know someone !=-O
slick swanny: oh smacks!
slick swanny: who!
Exofsalvation: guess....or i mean i can't tell you
slick swanny: hmmm
slick swanny: well seeing as i know like 5 people
Exofsalvation: just guess john sheesh hahaha
slick swanny: hmmm
slick swanny: i dunno its alot funner when i dont
slick swanny:
Exofsalvation: okay
Exofsalvation: i really think you should know though........
slick swanny: hmmmm
slick swanny: so lets have sandra just say it
slick swanny: becayuse john will otherwise act a fool
Exofsalvation: the suspence!
slick swanny: lol
Exofsalvation: uh....well....its
slick swanny: so thick u could cut it with a knife
Exofsalvation: j
Exofsalvation: o
Exofsalvation: e
slick swanny: jo?
slick swanny: sexy
Exofsalvation: mamma
Exofsalvation: hahahahaha
slick swanny: OH SMACKS
Exofsalvation: not but its.....just don't make fun of her, or i'll kick your ass
slick swanny: lol why woudl i make fun?
slick swanny: all you kids are awesome
Exofsalvation: because you can, i would
slick swanny: i would never
Exofsalvation: anyway......
Exofsalvation: how was drivers ed?
slick swanny: lol good topic change
Exofsalvation: indeed
slick swanny: won't work
slick swanny: i am curious
Exofsalvation: shes freaking out yo
slick swanny: lol who?
Exofsalvation: nvm
slick swanny: lol no u cant do that
slick swanny: its the rules
Exofsalvation: what rules?
Exofsalvation: we play by my rules biotch.....just kidding
slick swanny:
slick swanny: not the way i roll
Exofsalvation: :-\
slick swanny:
slick swanny: so wait who?
Exofsalvation: i____d smarty pants!
slick swanny: =-O
slick swanny: she is awesome
slick swanny: and we need to hang out
Exofsalvation: ;-)
slick swanny:
Exofsalvation: so yeah i really think you should come hang out with us on saturday
slick swanny: lol liek i said
slick swanny: ill try
Exofsalvation: k good
slick swanny: i need to see if im allowed tho
slick swanny: my parents arnt very nice to me
Exofsalvation: ooooh that sucks
slick swanny: yea
slick swanny: it happens
Exofsalvation: dayum you know what is retarded.....i can get people "hooked up" or whatever the fuck you want to call it....and i can't do it for my effing self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
slick swanny: lol
slick swanny: its a skill tho
slick swanny: watch me and her end up going out
Exofsalvation: i'll make you guys......
slick swanny: lol
slick swanny: shes awesome
slick swanny: i dunno she thinks alot liek i do
Exofsalvation: meh
slick swanny: lol meh?
Exofsalvation: uh meaning as in "oh? cool?"
slick swanny: oooh
Exofsalvation: :-D
slick swanny: i dont know your crazy liberty lingo
Exofsalvation: i'm sorry im just too gangsta fo yo ass
slick swanny: the gangster life is the life for me (in white man voice) ! :-D
Exofsalvation: hahahahah
Exofsalvation: um i think theres gonna be some sexual activities in this party
slick swanny: cut the malarkt
slick swanny: lol and i miss it
Exofsalvation: damn that sucks.....theres always next time
slick swanny: haha
slick swanny: of course
slick swanny: hose party at
slick swanny: ummm
slick swanny: house*
Exofsalvation: hey now i'm no ho
Exofsalvation: wait....yes i am....cause you're my pimp
slick swanny: yea dawg!
slick swanny: wheres mah money
Exofsalvation: you gotta come and get it yo!
slick swanny: is wayne brady gunna have ta choke a bitch?
Exofsalvation: HAHAHAHAHA
Exofsalvation: k well ingrid and i are switching seats and shes logging on to her thinggy........ peace out ma gangsta/pimp.....<3<3<3
slick swanny: lol
slick swanny: kk
slick swanny: see ya pimpette

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[21 Sep 2004|08:03pm]
Comment and tell me what you really think of me. If you dont comment I will be forced to assume you dont like me. You dont want that do you. :)

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DO IT! [15 Aug 2004|01:19am]

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